Wege ohne den Clash Royale Hack erfolgreich zu sein

Hey Leute, solltet Ihr keine Fans von Cheats sein und sagt ihr NEIN zum Clash Royale Hack, dann kann ich euch hier paar Informationen geben welche euch vielleicht nützlich sein werden.

Clash Royale ist eines der Mode-Spiele derzeit für mobile Geräte. Ein Spiel, das Briefe und Strategie in der Welt der Clash of Clans, bekannt Satz von Resten, so wollen wir über dann alle ihre Tricks reden, um vorwärts gehen können. Dann alle Tricks von Clash Royale: klettern Sie schnell Ebene, Briefe, Truhen und Schlachten.

Der Clash Royale ist im Lieferumfang enthalten:

Nützliche Tricks für Clash Royale

Schnelles hochleveln ist etwas Wesentliches und alles nichts mehr Start-Liebhaber uns ClashRoyale spielen ist etwas, was wir tun wollen. Es ist eigentlich, was als “King Level”, obere Ebene, die ziemlich schwierig zu erreichen, aber nicht unmöglich zu erreichen bekannt ist bekannt ist.

Das könnte für euch auch interessant sein:

Wenn Sie anfangen zu level up, während Sie spielen, wird es sein, wie ich sagen, schwierig, aber Sie haben einige “Tricks” wie:
Schließen Sie sich einem Clan an. Wenn Sie einem Clan beitreten, können Sie automatisch Erfahrungen auf Level-up-Punkte erhalten.
Spenden Sie Karten. Wenn Sie Karten an Ihre Freunde spenden, werden Sie sehen, dass Sie belohnt werden und 5 Erfahrungspunkte + 3 Edelsteine vergeben werden.
Schlagen Sie Arenen. Wenn Sie l Sand 2 erreicht haben, haben Sie eine Belohnung von 5 Punkten + 3 Edelsteine.
Darüber hinaus 20 Buchstaben. Wenn Sie 20 Karten aus der Brust bekommen (zum Beispiel), können Sie insgesamt 5 Erfahrungspunkte + 3 Edelsteine erhalten.
Aufmerksam und watch a TV Royale Schlacht. Wenn Sie stehen und sich einen Kampf in der TV Royale (unten rechts von allen Symbol), können Sie mehr Punkte zu verdienen. Erfahrung, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, Level up.

Level es bis zu den Zeichen.

Wenn Sie ein “Upgrade” auf die Charaktere verbringen Münzen, sondern stattdessen erhöhen sie Ebene und passieren wir unser Niveau von Clash Royale König zu erhöhen.

Anleitung zur Verwendung von Zeichenerklärungen
Mit den Karten kannst du Armeen trainieren, damit sie wichtig sind. Um dies zu tun, müssen Sie wissen, was sind, denn sie dienen und was wir von jedem von ihnen bekommen können.
Mit jeder Schlacht können wir nur 8 Karten verwenden, daher sollten Sie sie gut kennen und dadurch bessere Kombinationen erzielen. Um zu beginnen sollten Sie wissen, dass es drei Haupttypen von Diagrammen gibt: gemeinsam, selten und episch.

Hier noch ein Video welches erklärt wie man leicht an legendäre Karten kommt:


Canta Monstrinho BIRL – My Singing Monsters

So what’s up guys! Another episode of Monomaniacos begins! I am Deley.

and, and… it took too long.

Today we have a My Singing Monsters gameplay, a phone game.

It’s available on Android, iOS and even PC.

I’m not going to explain the step-by-step, because when you download the game, there’s a basic tutorial at the beginning, so you can understand how it’s played.

So I’ll just show my islands and the monsters I enjoy the most.

So, enough with the talk and let’s play! When you open, the game shows the island you opened last.

I left it in the plant island, but it’s not the one I want to show right now.

I’ll come back to it later.

I want to show you Wublin Island.

These are the monsters.

Each monsters plays a different sound.

This one is a sax this one bangs the head.

This one… The monster’s leaving the cage! Damn! I’m a bodybuilder! Not going to work.

Damn! Of course this shit is gonna work! I ate a lot before leaving! BIRL! Damn! It’s show time! BIRL! And this one… Crazy drummer… And this one, one of the easiest to open at first The one who plays bass, bass tongue And this one, who’s an octopus mixed with a duck And this one… But the one I’m going to show you today is this one.

We’re going to unlock it today.

Energize it.

The monster arrives like this, petrified, as you can see.

To open it, we have to build a lot of little eggs in the other islands and send them here.

So I needed 6 Tweedles, 10 Cybops, 10 Reedlings, 10 Dandidoos and 7 Deedges.

I have only one left, I already have it ready and we’re going to open it today, to discover what type of sound it makes.

So let’s go to Cold Island.

This is my Cold Island.

I’ll show you some other day.

So I clicked in the Deedge and send it to the monster.

exactly Now let’s energize it, so it can play.

What’s interesting is you see it move its totally different than what I expected.

Let’s make it big, because I like it.

So nice! Let’s see it up close.

He’ll start.

very funny Awesome! Let’s hear in the music it makes in the group.

I’m always gonna laugh at this! Already one of my favorites! (mimicking the monster) So funny! So funny! So funny! To finish this video I’d like to show you my favorite monster, from Plant Island.

This one is my favorite monster.

It’s Shugabush who reminds me of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s like a tree, with roots, and he plays an instrument.

I’ll show you.

Cool, he doesn’t want to play right now.

Just go.

Play it.

Aren’t you gonna play it? Not gonna play? I’m going to take it off so we can solve this problem.

So do something for everyone.

You’re one of my favorites! Do something.

Ok, a little more.

Is this all you know? He looks hungry.

I’m going to feed you, ok? He wants me to feed him.

Let’s see if he does something.

Play your instrument! Do something! You’re not doing anything! Is this all you’re gonna do? Are you playing me? Go to hell! Monster plays You think I’m an idiot, right? You know what this is? What? Downward Trapeze, is the name Yeah! Yeah! he is This is what we want! is it that we will seek Downward Trapeze It’s looking at us.

BIRL Damn! I’m a bodybuilder! BIRL.
You can find great my singing monsters cheats by watching the following video


What’s up guys? Anyone who says, “Video games have no value”probably hasn’t picked up a controller since they returned ‘Doom’ to Blockbuster.


From exploring the galaxy, to creating oneyourself, to surviving the zombie apocalypse, games give you an outlet to explore the consequencesof multiple actions in a huge variety of settings.


I’ll be giving out achievements for thingslike strength and honor and wisdom and manliness.

But you know they’ll have fun little names like trophies and achievements.

Number 7.

The EVER-PRESENT achievement goes to thathero that never takes a sick day, that champions against evil full-time, and rarely–if ever–attendsa social gathering…unless it’s to gather intel.

Let’s not ‘bat’ around the bush…it’sBATMAN.

Specifically from Arkham Knight.

Side note…I might actually have to acceptthe cowl one day and be Batman.

My name’s Adam.

Adam West? There’s something there.

Number 6.

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK…is not a multiplayer award.

Ok, I see how that’s misleading, I get thatnow.

Let’s move on.

LOYALTY! I don’t know a ton about METAL GEAR SOLIDthe franchise but METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN is oozing testosterone.

(cough) Gross.

Whether its stealthily infiltrating,blowing everything up, or taking down the bad guys, Snake can do it all and he does it withthe unyielding support of his buddies – straight from an action-packed military thriller.

Oh, and did I mention he’s voiced by JackBauer? Hey, it’s me, Snake.


I need to.

I need to get into the, thecompound.

Give me a helicopter and a dog, and a horse,and a sniper.


He shoulda been on a phone just then.

I don’t know.

Number 5.


Because a man.

(like Godfather) “Becausea man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.

” I can’t think of a better way to spend timewith your family than by adventuring together.

So this one goes to UNCHARTED 4.

Everyman explorer Nathan Drake shares his modern-day Indiana Jonsing with those closest to him.

Including: his love-interest-turned-wife Elena,his revenant brother, Sam, and his father figure and mentor, Sully.

(kinda like George Michael) And his fatherfigure Sully Who knows, maybe there’ll even be a littleDrake exploring some day.

Number 4.

The STEEL STONZ achievement goes to thatgame with the most chilling feats of bravery.

Turns out, overthrowing a dictator offersplenty of opportunities for just that, that’s why this one goes to Just Cause 3.

(Rico: Let’s do this.

) Rico Rodriguez is basically an Expendablewith an endless supply of grapples, cars, tanks, planes, boats, weapons, and cheesyone-liners.

(Rico: Can you hear me now?) (What are you some kind of action hero?) The cherry on top of this one-man army isthat it all takes place in maybe the most beautiful, expansive world map I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes taking out the bad guy or finding the treasure has to take a back seat to Just Surviving Somehow.

So the JSS award goes to the manliest survivalstory ever.

And it’s definitively Tomb Raider.

Before Lara Croft was raiding tombs she wastrying not to die when the whole world was trying to kill her.

Survival is a human instinct and not a distinctlymale one, but you can’t watch her take rebar to the side and not think, “I wish I was thattough.” Ouch.

This piece goes in (muffled).

With your friends on multiplayer.


Defending the homeland.


National duty.

A death wish.

Who knows why this guy does what he does,but nobody does it better.

That’s right, this achievement is accomplishedby none other than James Bond in his greatest game ever – GOLDENEYE 64.

If you see this and say, “Yeah, that’sa KF7 Soviet.

Yeah that’s a PP7.

” If you always wanted a watch laser.

If you understand the hardship of playingas Jaws against a crouching Oddjob, then you know the impact that this game had on a generation.

It didn’t invent, but nearly perfected thefirst person shooter.

And call me nostalgic, but wasn’t it greatwhen you could turn on a game and you were in the core gameplay in seconds instead ofsitting though 40 minutes of cutscenes? I mean, the cutscenes are good now, I knowthat.

But sometimes I just wanna be cut loose youknow? And it includes the most gymnastic army ofall time.

I mean look at this guy.

What’s he doing? And what are those boxes filled with…gasoline? Plutonium? Kerosine? Petroleum? (trying to sound British) They’re filled withpetrol.


Something about bread pudding) And finally the NOT MY FI…K FINE! achievement.

Sometimes you have to defend what’s right,even when it’s not your fight.

And sometimes you have to make the kind ofhard choices that will have lasting consequences for the people you’re fighting with.

(Amita: Let me understand) FAR CRY 4 is all about choosing how you walkthese beautifully unfamiliar paths.

It turns you loose pretty early in a colorfulworld full of quests, wilderness, and wildlife.

Set against the gray morality of conflictingleaders, you will make the decisions that will determine who will end up being the leaderof this free world.

(Amita: We’re at war.

) In most Far Cry games you play as a character dropped into the right place at the wrong time.

(nothing like Dr.

John) Well it musta beenthe right place.

Musta been the wrong time.

That’s a terrible Dr.

John impression.

But Far Cry 4 is my favorite game, and here’swhy: I’ll go quickly.

The wide variety of vehicles and animals totraverse with.

2 The variety and sheer quantity of the weapons.

Number 3 the rewarding skill and craftingsystem.

And the huge, beautiful world of Kyrat.

I would live there in a heart beat.

I mean, sure their leaders are morally ambiguous,but I already live in America so… (Joke drum fill) Well guys, that was my list for the manliestgames.

Leave me a comment and tell me what I missed.

Maybe I’ll do a future episode about it.

As always, I’ll never bug you to subscribe.


See ya later

Next time we will talk about Mobile Strike Cheats.

Magic Rush Heroes it is time to save the kingdom

magic rush heroes review

In the present age, most of the game lovers prefer to play the strategic games and they are loved by kids as well. Therefore, to meet the demands of the gamers we notice that many exciting games have been launched in the gaming arena.

One of the games that have caught the eyes of many game lovers is the Magic Rush Heroes. Because of its unique graphics and an exciting gameplay, it can be called one of the best strategic games of the era. Therefore, here is a quick walkthrough of this exciting game.

Magic Rush Heroes

In the game, you have to make your army strong by collecting and summoning special heroes that the game provides you with. The heroes are your line of defense and you have to make them strong by upgrading them. Make sure that you upgrade their skill, rune gears, and stats.

Make the heroes your strongest allies so they will be able to chase the enemies to get their comrades back and will dominate every campaign, arena, and war.

How to play

As the game is available on the online stores and has been specially developed for the Smart devices so it is very easy to control. The main thing that you have to take care of is that you pass through every obstacle like the dungeons and the maps effectively because they further consist of several modes that you have to accomplish.

Units of Magic Rush Heroes

The game developers have made the game with an exciting twist. They have provided you with five different types of units that you can select from. The powers of unit depend on the star rating they have. Unit of heroes with a single star have the lowest ranking and the one with five stars have the highest.

You can level up your heroes by playing the game or collecting the runes. The game allows you to utilize all the runes at once to make your hero the strongest.


The game has been developed with two special modes:

Campaign mode:

In this mode of the game, you have to fight against the group of monsters and you can utilize your special abilities to win the face off rounds.

Tower defense battles:

In this mode, you will have to defend your tower by making sure that your heroes are strong enough. Every match you win, you will be awarded gold that you can use to get new heroes. Beware because you will get surprise enemies and new lanes that you have to defeat to go further in the game.

Bottom line

Hack Magic Rush Heroes is a really fun and exciting game to play. The beginning levels are easy but as you proceed in the game, you will have to concentrate to win. As the game is available for android and iOS phones it can be played anywhere and anytime you like.

Magic Rush Heroes with the impressive gameplay will be a perfect choice to dig your teeth in.

Dream League Soccer

Playing virtual soccer games is all about choosing the correct team, making the right strategy and eye coordination as well. In addition to that, soccer lovers look for the best graphics and technical interface when it comes to selecting a virtual football game.  Dream League Soccer is definitely one of the best games when it comes to virtual soccer. What does this game have to offer? There is no doubt that Dream League Soccer offers the best level of customization to the players. It is obvious that there is nothing better than building your own team that comprises of your favorite players and then competing in different competitions. The latest version of this game definitely offers a much better interface and rivalries than the previous versions.

 dream league soccer hack

When you talk about making your dream team, you have the option to choose any of your favorite players including Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Costa.  Does this game offer healthy competitions to the players? It would definitely give you a ride for your money. For instance, you have the option to compete through 6 divisions. Along with that, you can compete in 7 cup challenges and make your mark. The game also offers a leadership list that shows who the best players have been. The makers of Dream League Soccer have ensured that the maximum level of compatibility is offered to the players. For instance, these days, people like to play their favorite virtual games on their smart phones. The developers of Dream League Soccer have taken care of this point. The game is perfectly compatible with the Android platform. Once you have downloaded it and your phone has the needed configuration, you can kick the ball in the smoothest manner.

The customization does not end with player selection and you have the option to go a lot beyond that. The game has been titled “Dream Team Soccer” with a purpose. For instance, there is no problem if you do not want to use the default stadium for your matches. You can build your own stadium along to play your matches in. Similarly, you can give a new identity to your players and build your own team kit.  Along with that, the game is equipped with a very ambitious and addictive sound track.

When you are playing against the competitors in Man vs. Computer mode, you can definitely expect the toughest matches. The highest level of Artificial Intelligence has been used which makes the game extremely challenging and highly addictive.  One of the most exceptional benefits of this soccer game is the level of graphics that have been used. Players are highly recognizable and way in which they run and kick, the game seems extremely realistic. At times, you would feel as if you are a part of the team. Dream League Soccer allows you to compete on a global scale. This simply means that if you want to compete against any team in the world, you can do that by picking your preferred players.

dream league soccer

Dragon Mania Legends Tips and Strategy Guide

Dragon Mania Legends is a dragon breeding and combat game by Gameloft with really visually appealing graphics. The game is really addictive and cute with its beautiful world and awesome dragons. This game is the sequel to the original but unlike the original game, this is available for all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows phone and xBox.

This game might seem easy at first but hey, so did Candy Crush. As you go along and get more XP, the game becomes more technical and difficult. So, in order to stay ahead in your game, these tips will help you through the game-play.

Dragon Care and Levels:

In order for your dragons to grow, become stronger and create valuable hatchlings, they need to be fed regularly. But sometimes, feeding a dragon won’t cut it and you have to encourage them to go to the next level. You can do this by building them a temple based on which element is their specialty.


Elements play a very important role in this game. Every element is neutral from the attack of the same element and acts differently towards other element types. Knowing the main element of your dragons and how it responds to others is a key strategy for winning dragon battles.

Dragon Rarity and Breeding:

There are five dragon rarity levels in Dragon Mania Legends: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You can breed highly rare dragons but there is more luck needed to get the combination right. Highly rare dragons win more gold than average dragons.

You can breed two different element dragons in the Breeding Den to create a hybrid hatchling. The more high value and rare the dragons are, the rarer the hatchlings. So, if you want to create legendary dragons, the key is to use the highest level dragons for this task.


When you have successfully bred two dragons, an egg will appear in the Hatchery to indicate that the hatching process has started. You can put more eggs in the Hatchery at the same time if you upgrade it.

Legendary and Boss Dragons:

Legendary dragons are the rarest and most powerful dragons in Dragolandia and it is extremely lucky to have to be able to get the combination right for creating them. Personally, I have just one of them so far and I’ve been playing this game for a long time.

Boss dragons are those that you fight in battles and if you defeat them, you will earn their respect. As a result, they will visit your land from time to time if you provide them with a proper habitat. Boss dragons will inspire other dragons to earn more gold to impress them.


You can build habitats for your dragons for them to rest and relax. Each habitat only houses dragons who correspond to a certain element. You can upgrade your habitat to house more dragons if you need it.


You can encourage a stubborn dragon that is refusing to level up by building a temple for them that corresponds to their element. These temples can be upgraded and the higher the temple lever, the higher level dragons of that element can reach.


dragon mania hack